4C Sertoma 417 Whiskey Festival

The 4C Sertoma 417 Whiskey Festival's charitable mission is to provide a Legacy of Nature for Children.

Confirmed Batch List #10

R8 – 15 Stars

H33 – Austin Cab Sauv Paso Robles

H33 – Austin Chard Paso Robles

H33 – Austin Hope Cab Sauve 2021

H33 – Austin Hope Cab Sauv Reserve 2020 (VIP)

R5 – Balvenie Scotch 14Yr Caribbean Cask

NE Bar Upstairs – Bar, Finley Farms Bar, Cash Bar, VIP Exchange

R15 – Barrell Craft Bourbon Foundation 100.0

R15 – Barrel Craft Bourbon Rye Seagrea 128.1

R15 – Barrell Craft Bourbon Whiskey Dove 124.7

R15 – Barrel Craft B0urbon Whiskey Dove Gray Label 131.54

R15 – Barrel Craft Vantage 114.4

R1 – Basil Hayden

R1 – Basil Hayden 10yr LTD

R1 – Basil Hayden Dark Rye

R1 – Basil Hayden Malted Rye

R1 – Basil Hayden Toast

R1 – Basil Hayden Wine Cask

Hawkins Room – Big Whiskey’s / Signature Cocktails & More

H31 – Bommarito Wines & Spirits

R1 – Bookers Mighty Fine

H32 – CASTLE & KEY | Castle & Key Restoration Rye

H32 – Castle & Key Small Batch Bourbon

R1 – Clermont Steep

R20 – Copertino Riserva 2015

H38 – Crave Cocktails Rum Packs

H38 – Crave Cocktails Wine Packs

H34 – Deadwood Straight Bourbon Whiskey

H32 – Devils River Agave Bourbon

H32 – Devils River Barrel Strength Whiskey

H32 – Devils River Bourbon

H32 – Devils River Cinnamon Bourbon

H32 – Devils River Coffee Bouron

H32 – Devils River Dist Select Bourbon

H32 – Devils River Rye Whiskey

R20 – Dipinti Pinot Grigio 2022

H37 – Dominick Hulling Station Bourbon

R20 – Donna Laura All Red Toscana 2021

R20 – Donna Laura Bramosia Chianti Classico 2021

H35 – Double Barrel PX Sherry Rye

H35 – Bouble Barrel Rum Barrel Rye

H35 – Double Barrel Stout Barrel Rye

R8 – Ej Curley

R14 – Elements – Amburana Finished Bourbon

R8 – First West Rye

R17 – Four Roses Single Barrel

R17 – Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon

R17 – Four Roses Small Batch Select (VIP)

R17 – Four Roses Yellow Label

R9 – Frank August Bourbon

R8 – Frenchman

H37 – Garrison Balmorhea Dbl Barrel Bourbon (VIP)

H37 – Garrison Honey Dew Bourbon

H37 – Garrison Single Barrel Bourbon

H37 – Garrison TX Small Batch Bourbon

R5 – Glenfiddich 12yr

R5 – Glenfiddich 12yr Sherry

R5 – Glenfiddich 14yr

R5 – Glenfiddich 15yr Solera VAT

H32 – Green River Bourbon

H32 – Green River Wheated Bourbon

R12 – Gullytown 6yr Amer. Single Malt

R12 – Gullytown Double Barrel Aged Amer. Single Malt

H35 – Hinterland Bourbon

R8 – Hold Up 9yr

R8 – Holiday Toast

H38 – Honey Creek Hollow Spice Flavored Rum

H29 – Howlin’ Hounds Apple Pie Moonshine (25%)

H29 – Howlin’ Hounds Corn Whiskey (50%)

H29 – Howlin’ Hounds Honey Moonshine (25%)

H29 – Howlin’ Hounds Moonshine ( 50%)

H29 – Howlin’ Hounds Peach Moonshine (25%)

H29 – Howlin’ Hounds White Lightining (70%)

R5 – Houdson Bright Lights

R5 – Houdson Do the Rye Thing

R5 – Houdson Short Stcak

R21 – Infuse Spirits Broken Barrel Bourbon

R21 – Infuse Spirits CS Broken Barrel Bourbon

R21 – Infuse Spirits Heresy Rye Whiskey

R13 – J. Rieger Kansas City Whiskey

R7 – Jeffersons Reserve

R7 – Jeffersons Straight Bourbon (VSB)

R7 – Jeffersons Tropics

R2 – Jim Beam Black 86

R2 – Jim Beam Devils Cut

R2 – Jim Beam Rye 4 90

R2 – Jim Beam Single Barrel

R2 – Knob Creek 12yr

R2 – Knob Creek 18yr

R2 – Knob Creek Rye

R2 – Knob Creek Rye SB

R2 – Knob Creek Single Barrel (FF

R20 – L’EscarelleOrg Rose Provence 2022

R20 – Legit Cab Sauv Tuscany 2018 (VIP)

H33 – Liberty School Cab Sauv 2021

R1 – Little Book

H35 – Lost Hollow Bourbon

R8 – Lucky 7

R3 – Maker’s Mark

R3 – Maker’s 101

R3 – Maker’s 46

R3 – Maker’s 46 Cask

R3 – Maker’s Cask

R3 – Maker’s Private Select (FF)

Lobby – Mill Tours, History Experince & Select Tasting 

H29 – Missouri Ridge American Single Malt Whiskey (45%)

h29 – Missouri Ridge Amish Fire Sippn’ Shine (25%)

H29 – Missouri Ridge Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey (47%)

R14 – MO Reserve No. 1, 10-Year Straight Bourbon (VIP)

R5 – Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whiskey

R16 – Nobletons Distilling House

R11 – Oak & Eden 4 Grain & Spire

R11 – Oak & Eden Anthro Series Forrie Smith (VIP)

R11 – Oak & Eden Bourbon & Brew

R11 – Oak & Eden Bourbon & Vine

R11 – Oak & Eden Honey & Wheat

R11 – Oak & Eden Rye & Spire

R11 – Oak & Eden Wheat & Spire

R9 – Oak Collection Bourbon

R9 – Oak Collection Rye

H37 – Old Dominick 90prf Bourbon

H37 – Old Dominick BIB Bourbon (VIP)

H37 – Old Dominick Memphis Toddy

H37 – Old Dominick Straight TN BIB Whiskey

H37 – Old Dominick Straight TN Whiskey

H35 – Oracle Bourbon

R11 – Pierre Ferrand 10 Generations Cognac (VIP)

R11 – Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac

R11 – Pierre Ferrand Ambre Cognac

H31 – Pinckney Bend Gin & Tonic – Canned Cocktail

H31 – Pinckney Bend Hand Grafted Gin

H31 – Pinckney Bend Hib Hound – Canned Cocktail

R16 – Planters

R8 – Private Stock

R9 – Pursuit

R7 – Rabbit Hole Boxergrall

R7 – Rabbit Hole Dareinger

R7 – Rabbit Hole Helgold

R19 – Raeburn Cab Sauv 2021

R19 – Raeburn Chardonney 2021

R19 – Raeburn High Flier Chardonnay 2021

R19 – Raeburn Pinot Noir 2022

R19 – Raeburn Sauv Blanc 2022

R17 – RD1 KSBW Amburana

R17 – RD1 KSBW Dbl Finish Oak/Maple

R17 – RD1 KSBW French Oak

R17 – RD1 KY Straight Bourbon

R14 – Red Line Bottled in Bond Bourbon

R14 – Red Line Straight 6 Year Bourbon

R14 – Red Line Toasted Bourbon

R14 – Red Line Toasted Rye

H28 – Red Ox Almond Liqueur

H28 – Red Ox Distillery llc.

H28 – Red Ox Experiment One Whiskey

H28 – Red Ox Lavender Liqueur

H28 – Red Ox Lemoncello

H28 – Red Ox Limecello

H28 – Red Ox Orangecello

R17 – Redwood Empire Emerald Giant Rye Whiskey

R17 – Redwood Empire Lost Monarch Blended Whiskey

R17 – Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Bourbon

R13 – Rieger Bourbon Bottled in Bond

R13 – Rieger Bourbon Monogram

R13 – Rieger Rye Straight Bottled in Bond

R13 – Rieger 6 Columns Straight Bourbon Whiskey

R18 – Righetti Amarone 2019

R18 – Righetti Valpolicella

H34 – Rouletter Straight Rye Whiskey

R4 – RY3

R8 – Sherry Cask

R8 – Single Barrel

R8 – Small Batch

The Garrison / Riverside Lobby – Small Batch Sessions, Education Seminars

H35 – Songbird Goldfinch Gin (Cask Finished)

H35 – Songbird Mockingbird Gin (Old Tom)

H35 – Songbird Original Dry Gin

R12 – Sons of Erin Irish Whiskey

H31 – StilL 630 Rally Point Staright Rye

H31 – StilL 630 Confluence GIn

R12 – Stone Breaker Cinnamon

R12 – Stone Breaker Irish Whiskey / American

R18 – Tenuta Rocca Barbera d’Alba

R18 – Tenuta Rocca Barolo

R18 – Tenuta Rocca Barolo Bussia (VIP)

R18 – Tenuta Rocca Langhe Nebbiolo

NW Bar Upstaris – The Bourbon Society of the Ozarks – Experience, Special Tastings, rare Bottles & More

H34 – The Representative Bourbon Whiskey

H34 – The Senator Rye (VIP)

Riverside Room – The Vineyard Market -Cigar Friendly Patio & More

R8 – Triple Cask

H33 – Troublemaker Red Blend Session 16

H38 – Truman Reserve Bourbon

R6 – Tullamore Dew

R6 – Tullamore Dew 12yr

R6 – Tullamore Dew 14yr Single Malt

R6 – Tullamore Dew Honey

R6 – Tullamore Dew XO Rum Cask Finish

H34 – Tumblin’ Dice Bourbon

H35 – Ty Iechyd Da Distillery

R10 – Uncle Nearest 1856 Brl Aged Whiskey

R10 – Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch

R10 – Uncle Nearest Rye Straight

R9 – United Bourbon

R9 – United Rye

R18 – Val D’Occa Extra Dry Prosecco

R18 – Val D’Ocaa Sparkling Rose

H35 – Wanderlust Bourbon

Upstairs Lobby – Whiskey Tangos of Ozarks – Retail Sales, Special Product Tastings & More

H31 – Wood Hat Berry Berry Cordial

H31 – Wood Hat Bourbon Rubenesque

H31 – Wood Hat Twin Timbers Bourbon

R8 – Workhorse

4C Sertoma 417 Whiskey festival

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