Sertoma Club & Christian County Children’s Charities


The Ozarks is a beautiful place to live. What better way to keep our lands beautiful than to educate our children about preserving the natural resources around us?
Our organization wants to raise funds to create an all-new program for children in Christian County. The goal is to foster a love of nature and the outdoors that will last a lifetime.

Let's Dream Big

Let’s talk about a possible partnership between local city parks departments and 4C Sertoma! Working together to create an Education Center for Christian County is a Win for our community!

Local Architects Eric Albers and Michael Childress with IDeA stepped up to support 4C Sertoma to explore “ideas”. Together, we reviewed several existing structures currently available on local park lands. While there are endless opportunities and build out configurations available, we wanted a layout to start the conversation and open our minds to thinking about the future.

Our Goal

Currently in the Planning Stage

Renovate an existing structure on Christian County public/park lands to create an education center.

Make the building ADA-compliant with a ramp and two restrooms.

Require minimal structure modifications.

Maintain the exterior of the structure for historical reference.

Stay within a reasonable budget.

Foster educational opportunities for children in Christian County.

Develop Educational Programs & Scholarships

Endowment fund to maintain educational opportunities

Programming centered around conservation and outdoor activities


Support the Legacy

Want to get even more involved?

On behalf of the CCCC Sertoma Club, we would like to extend our commitment to you. It is our hope that you will consider working with us to bring an exciting element of education and awareness to children in our community, for generations to come.

Please let us know how you see yourself or your company supporting our great charitable cause! We are excited to work with you, and reach our goals for this exciting program.

With your support, we can work together, move forward together, and create something wonderful – together.


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